Marketing for you

Progressive Marketing


At Century 21 Real Estate Champions, we know how to sell homes. We know every home is different, and we create a customized marketing plan for each home to attract the ideal buyers.


Here’s how we’ll help you sell yours:



  • Premium Search Engine PlacementPart of our Internet Marketing strategy includes getting premium placement on search engines such as Yahoo, America Online and others. Our investment in technology means that our Web site generates tens of thousands of visits from people interested in buying a home.


  • National Advertising – The Century 21 System’s National Advertising Campaign is unmatched in the industry. Last year, the System spent more than $100 million promoting System offices through television commercials and promotions including the sponsorship of Major League Baseball, NASCAR, and Easter Seals, 1-800-4HOUSES.


  • Local Advertising – We advertise extensively in popular publications and newspapers.


  • Brand Name Recognition - The Century 21 name is by far the most recognized and trusted real estate name in the industry. For more than 40 years the Century 21 System has been helping people sell or purchase there home.


  • Specialized BrandingThrough our affiliation with the Century 21 System, we are able to use specialized niche marketing to leverage the power of the Century 21 brand for custom marketing of unique properties.


  • Personal Service – Our team of accomplished agents go the extra mile to set themselves apart from the competition and be there for all of your real estate needs. Our offices are staffed 7 days a week with a secretary. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our secretarial staff.


  • Broker Caravans/Open Houses – We offer all of the traditional real estate services to give your property maximum exposure to the buyer’s agents and the consumer both nationally and internationally.


  • Promotions/Contests – Our relationship with national and local companies means we can offer special promotions, such as our affiliation with major league baseball, NASCAR and Easer Seals and contests that help drive traffic to our offices and our web site.